Thank you for visiting our church today!

Thank you so much for checking out Fishersville United Methodist Church! We are a loving and safe church family that has a focus on growing and serving our local communities as we fulfill our mission statement to “Know God and Make God Known.” While the church has been a pillar of Fishersville since the early 1800s, there are still lots of exciting and new things constantly happening at FUMC as we earnestly listen to God’s calling on our lives to meet people where they’re at and to bring them along on the spiritual journey that our Heavenly Father is bringing us on!

This page will serve as an initial landing spot for you to learn a bit about us and what we offer as a church, but we will only be scratching the surface, so please come visit us on Sunday mornings, whether in-person or online, to really get the full picture of what’s happening at FUMC!

The first step to getting plugged in is filling out the New Visitor Contact Form below so we can connect and support you as a part of the FUMC Family! If you visit us in-person, please connect with an usher as you enter and they’ll give you a paper copy of this form as well. Fill that out and turn it back into them. Then once that is done, keep scrolling to learn a little more about FUMC and what a normal Sunday morning looks like.

Two Sunday Services

1st Service – 8:30am

Our first service is offered both in-person and online via livestream and touts an intimate environment with a focus on connecting congregants to the spiritual atmosphere from our Heavenly Father.

2nd Service – 11:00am

Then our second service is also offered as in-person and online via livestream with a focus on bringing everyone, no matter of background or context, closer to knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Adult Sunday School Classes

CBF Sunday School Class – 9:45am

Our first Sunday School class is the CBF class, which is a long-standing group of members from different backgrounds coming to learn more about the Bible where anyone is welcome. This class is led by John Baker and only meets in-person.

Friends in Faith Sunday School Class – 9:30am

Our second class is the Friends in Faith class, which focuses on Scriptural learning with a slant towards community and fellowship along the way where everyone is welcome. This class is led by Anna Zapotoczny and meets both in-person and on Zoom.

Fellowship Sunday School Class – 9:30am

Our final class is the Fellowship class, which focuses on, as the name implies, fellowship and friendship with a short lesson to foster growth together where all are welcome. This class is led by Susan Fitchko and only meets in-person.

Kids and Youth Sunday Ministries

Children’s Sunday School Class – 9:30am

Our children’s Sunday School class is a time of fun and poignant learning as the children delve into how the Bible teaches them that they are loved by God while playing games and ice breakers that brings us together as friends. This class is led by our Director of Children’s Ministries, Wendi Olli.

Youth Sunday School Class – 9:30am

Our youth Sunday School class is designed to bring the Bible to modern understanding for our youth to chew and digest on, while still having time for fun activities and fellowship. This class is led by Director of Youth Ministries, Samantha Avery.

Youth Group – 4:00pm

Our youth also meets on Sunday afternoons for a more relaxed time that still keeps a focus on God’s love for us and how we should respond. Sometimes this means meeting in the youth room for a time of learning and games, while other times there’s bigger activities out and about in the community, like going to the movies or helping those in need in and around Augusta County. This is also led by Director of Youth Ministries, Samantha Avery.

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Any Questions? Please Contact Us!

While there’s plenty to find and learn in the nooks and crannies of our website, you may still have questions or just want to reach out to touch base. We will always welcome and loved to be contacted, so please visit our Contact Us page by clicking here to get our main contact info and we’ll reach back out to you in no time with an answer or update to anything you may possibly need!