Thank you for visiting our church today!

The Food Pantry is open every Tuesday from Noon to 2PM.  We are affiliated with the Food Bank in Verona and get most of our food from there.  Your eligibility with the Pantry is based on income and size of family.  We use the guidelines provided by USDA but if you do not qualify for USDA, we will still provide you with food.

We try to have fresh vegetables and fruit if available.  We have a choice of meat for you also.  Other products are available that have been purchased by us.  We allow you to pick what you need and unlike some places that hand you a prepacked box.  We also have Panera Bread available for you.

There are church members that volunteer to help you each Tuesday.  If you would like to volunteer to help us, please call the church at (540)779-0640 and ask for Donna.

FUMC wants to make sure that no matter what your circumstances are, you will not go hungry.  This food pantry is open to the entire community.

We are open every Tuesday from 12 pm – 2 pm

  • You are allowed to come once per month
  • Follow the parking lot to the back of the church and you will see the sign for Food Pantry by the last double door entrance by the parking lot.