Thank you for visiting our church today!

As of April 8th, 2021:

We are continuing to host in-person services every Sunday, along with our livestream, at 11am. These services still follow the guidelines that have been set in place by the CDC, the Virginia government, and the Virginia United Methodist Conference. A part of those guidelines is that we are encouraging our members and visitors to pre-register before attending a Sunday morning service.

If you are interested and would like to attend a Sunday morning service in-person, please click here to pre-register!

As of March 22nd, 2021:

We are still planning on returning to in-person services with Holy Week 2021. Not only will we have our “normal” 11am service inside and with attendees for the first time in over a year, we also have so many meditations during the Holy Week to help get your mind and heart centered on the coming of our Lord! Please see the full Holy Week schedule below and pre-register for our Easter Service while you’re at it!

*Please know that we do have an attendance cap of 70 people for our sanctuary, so if you sign up you agree to understand that you may be placed in overflow seating if we are over our attendance cap.

As of February 24th, 2021:

We are planning a return to in-person services for Easter Sunday! We are still planning on instituting VA social distancing guidelines for this service, which would include wearing masks and a basic health pre-screening as you enter the door, but otherwise it will be as close to a normal service as we can get to at this point.

If you would like to attend, please either contact the Church Office fill out the form below.

*Please know that we do have an attendance cap of 70 people for our sanctuary, so if you sign up you agree to understand that you may be placed in overflow seating if we are over our attendance cap.

As of November 10th, 2020:

As of October 29th, 2020:

We have officially stopped our outdoor, in-person services for the rest of the year because of the weather getting a bit chillier! Please continue to join us either here, Youtube, or Facebook every Sunday at 11am for our live streamed service! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at!

As of September 16th, 2020:

We are changing the time of our outdoor Sunday evening service. It will now be beginning at 4pm to help with the fading light as we enter Fall. We still have our live stream only service happening at 11am on Sundays. Please click here for more information. Please see the details below and email at if you have any questions.

As of August 19th, 2020:

We are postponing indoor, in-person services in favor of an outdoor evening service! Please see the details below and email at if you have any questions.

As of July 21st, 2020:

We are officially reopening and having in-person worship services starting on August 2! In an effort to keep our members and congregation as safe as possible during this time of transition, things may be and look a little different. In addition, we will be continuing our online only livestream service, in all of the ways you have come to know and love, for anyone who cannot attend. Please watch this video below for more information!

All make sense and now your excited to return? Go ahead and get ready by signing up to return to our in-person services. Click the button below to be taken to the signup portal!

As of June 17th, 2020:

As of May 14th, 2020:

When Bishop Sharma D. Lewis announced the cessation of in-person worship in the Virginia Conference due to COVID-19 in March of 2020, she did so only after significant prayer and thoughtful consultation with experts in the religious, legal, and scientific communities. Her closure of our churches was done with the singular goal of saving lives and keeping individuals and their communities healthy, as we did our part as United Methodists to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Likewise, when Bishop Lewis formed a workgroup in late April to develop plans and procedures for resuming in-person worship in our churches, she did so with the same goal of keeping individuals and their communities healthy and safe. Following Bishop Lewis’ example, the workgroup also consulted professionals and resources from a variety of disciplines in order to develop the resources you will find on this web page.

It is the vision of the work group that what you find here will be dynamic documents that will updated with information gleaned from churches around the Conference as we walk together and learn from one other in these difficult and uncertain times.

Please click the button below for more information as it comes readily available.

As of May 9th, 2020:

May the Lord be with you and keep you. It is a wonderful day to be a United Methodist. I know that Virginia United Methodists are longing for the return to in-person worship. One of our highest priorities must be loving our neighbors through ensuring the safety of those who attend our services. As we reported this week, a workgroup of church leaders, medical professionals, and legal professionals have been working hard to provide guidance to help us go back to in-person worship safely. On Friday morning, the Cabinet reviewed a draft of their work and we are preparing a list of frequently asked questions this weekend.

Friday afternoon, Governor Northam announced that he may loosen the restrictions related to in-person worship on May 15, 2020. Our timetable, as United Methodists, will be phased. I will allow Drive-In worship to begin on May 24, 2020 for all churches under strict guidelines that will be released by May 15, 2020. I will also authorize some test churches (we will call them “pioneer” churches) to open on May 24, 2020 with no more than 25 people in attendance under strict guidelines that will also be released by May 15, 2020. These pioneer churches will provide much needed data for the churches in our various districts on how to open safely.

Please continue to be in prayer for those who are affected by COVID-19 and those working hard to care for them. Pray as well for those who are extending themselves to serve at great risk and great cost. Whenever we return to worship, we will have stories to tell of God’s goodness and provision in this crisis.

Peace and Blessings, 
Bishop Sharma D. Lewis 

If you would like to see our Livestream on Sunday mornings at 11 am, please follow the link below!

As of April 1, the Virginia Governor has mandated a “Stay at Home” order until at least June 10th. The United Methodist Church will reassess after that point whether it is then safe to meet together again as congregations.

On March 17, the bishop of the United Methodist Church announced that all Methodist churches will be closing during the weeks of March 15, March 22 and March 29 to help with social distancing practices recommended by the CDC. Along with Sunday services, all additional meetings and programs are postponed until further notice.

In light of that, our Church Office will also mostly be working remotely to help with this practice. This means that while there may not be someone at the door to answer you, there is always someone nearby that can answer your questions as long as you call the church at (540)779-0640.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to call us and we’ll do our best to help during these difficult times.